Thursday, June 14, 2007

First Tooth Fairy Visit and Posing for the Camera

Olivia lost her first tooth last Saturday. She pulled it herself. She talked about it for at least an hour afterwards! She is very proud of herself - and she should be! Here is a picture of her right after she pulled it.

Not to be left out, here is Anika posing for the camera. I think she's been watching too much of "America's Top Model" or whatever it's called.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Funnies by Anika

Two recent funny, well we found them hysterically funny, conversations at the Bennett house. Keep in mind, the kids have a mother and three grandparents, both Mark's parents and my mom, who are nurses! My kids are subjected to lots of medical mumbo jumbo!

#1 Picture our family at the dinner table.

Anika: "I figured out that the baby is going to be a boy!

Me: "Wow, Anika, how did you figure that out?"

Anika: "I could feel his p_ _ _ _ through your belly?" (Baby is now big enough to feel body parts and we have been talking about feeling feet/knees/butt)

Olivia: "I don't even know what a p _ _ _ _ is!" (Denial)

Anika: "You know, it's that thing that hangs down from your bunkie (Mark's family nickname for bum) and when you're a boy, you go pee with it."

I am really surprised Mark and I didn't choke on our food, we were laughing so hard!

#2 Prologue: At my last OB app't, two weeks ago, my blood pressure was 130/96 (I'm fine), my legs were swollen (they still are), and I had protein in my urine (I know, more than you wanted to know, but these are all signs of pre eclampsia). Because of this, I had to collect my urine for 24 hours and deliver it to the hospital lab. I couldn't really hide it from the kids because I had to keep the container in the fridge. So, when they asked, I just told them the truth about what was in the container. Life went on and everything was A-OK (and still is, my blood pressure is down now).

Anika woke up just after 7 a.m. yesterday. We could hear here walking around upstairs for awhile before she actually came downstairs.

Mom and Dad: "Good morning, sweety. What were you doing upstairs?"

Anika: "If I tell you something, do you promise not to get mad?"

Mom: "Nope, I won't get mad. What is it?"

Anika: "I'm collecting my pee for my collection." (She likes to collect various things, but pee is a new one)

Mom and Dad (trading glances at each other): "Oh, really? What are you collecting your pee in?" (knowing I had an extra container in my bathroom cupboard)

Anika: "The bathroom"

Mom: "Yes, but what kind of container? What did you pee in?"

Mark is sitting next to me trying to control his laughter, as am I, but I want more information.

Anika: "You know that Target bag that you put Adam's (baby cousin) present in?"
Mom: "You peed in a bag? Where is the bag now?"

Anika: "It's on the floor in the bathroom. It only has one little hole in it."

Then I kindly asked her to go move the bag into the bathtub. The rest is kind of a blur since I started laughing so hard.

Then I went up to the bathroom and there was the bag. It was no joke. Olivia reported when she woke up that Anika actually made her first 'deposit' the night before when getting ready for bed. That makes 2x she collected!

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