Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tattoos and Beards or Tattoos of Beards

I think the pictures speak for themselves.

It washes off quite easily in the bathtub. Oh, and I forgot to say that she said "someone else did it, it wasn't me!"

Luke's Trick

I don't really know how to explain this other that with a picture. Luke does this thing you see in the picture. In the picture, his head is not quite touching the floor at the moment I took the shot, but he rests his head on the floor while he bounces his legs up and down and then sits back down. He doesn't rock on all fours like the girls did. He does this instead. I keep thinking he is going to do a somersault! Crazy kid!

He started crawling today. I guess I need to put up the baby gates now.

Here's a random pic of Luke in the bathtub............He's always happy, but he is especially happy in the water!

Moving Into a Bigger Room

We have been SLOWLY working on moving the girls into the bonus room over the garage. It is much bigger than their room now and we figured if they were going to share a room (their choice), it would be nice for them to have a bigger room. Mark built a small walk in closet for them. I just have to say that I am so fortunate to have a husband who can build or fix most anything. His talents have saved us lots of money. It's taken us much longer than we expected, but we should be done this weekend. We just need to install the closet shelving and put up some new baseboard moulding and the closet door and we're done. I found a great deal on the JC Penny website with matching beds, nightstands and a dresser. Unfortunately, their beds and dresser are on backorder and they won't be here for another month. They are really good quality and if the beds are the same quality as the nightstands, they should last into their college years!

Here are the girls painting their section of wall. It was hard for me to let them paint on their own. I am a perfectionist when it comes to do-it-yourself projects. Enough said. They did great. Anika ended up painting the inside of the closet (I stayed out of the room). Olivia was sick or she would have done more. They actually did great!

Painting in progress.......

I love the lamps! They have feather boa trim around them! Looking at this picture enlarged I'm seeing another spot I need to go touch up!

Due the fact that we have textured walls and used two different colors of paint, we probably spent more time on touch ups than we did painting the walls. It was tedious, but it sure was nice hanging out with Mark.

Mark picked out the ceiling fan himself. He was very excited about his find. It's not what I had in mind for their room, but I thought it was so sweet that he would choose this fan for them that I liked it more for the simple reason that Mark chose it than the fact that it didn't fit the "theme" I had in mind.

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