Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lemonade for Sale! Come and get your lemonade!

So, a few weeks ago, Olivia started asking about setting up a lemonade stand. Yeah, just what I want to do at nine months pregnant in the 100 degree heat: set up a lemonade stand in front of our West facing front yard! I put it off for as long as I could, but they had there little hearts set on it so they could "make some money."

It finally got the point where Olivia said, "Mom, you keep promising that we can do our lemonade stand and you never let us!"

I'm such a bad mother!

Well, I PROMISED Monday would be the day, no matter what.

The girls and I had already made a list with them of things we needed such as cups, lemonade, signs, etc. Everything was very well planned.

The girls wanted both pink lemonade and regular lemonade. I also suggested selling some cookies, which they did.

We went to REI and bought a new canopy (we needed one anyway) after Mark got off work. We then came home and set up their lemonade stand. As it turned out, the weather was overcast and only 97 degrees instead of the forecasted 103 degrees.

I have to say, Mark and I were worried no one would buy their lemonade and cookies. I remember doing a lemonade stand as a kid and didn't make squat! And, after all, I have never stopped at anyone's lemonade stand. However, we did not let the kids in on our doubting ways. We actually expressed a fair amount of enthusiasum when it came to setting things up for them. I guess we live in the right spot. Everyone in our neighborhood has to drive by our house to get in and out of the subdivision. Location, location, location.

As you can see by the sign, they were charging 50 cents each for lemonade and cookies. I instructed them to sell 2 cookies for 50 cents instead of just one cookie for 50 cents. Well, people assumed they got one cookie for 50 cents and that is what they started off paying, so I didn't correct anybody.

The whole thing was truly amazing if you ask me. People from down the street came out of their houses and walked down to our house to buy lemonade! We've never met so many of our neighbors. And who knew there were so many families with kids our kids' age? People pulled up in their cars, some got out, some didn't.

People would be walking toward the house and Anika would shout, "Lemonade, come and get your lemonade!" I think she has some sort of natural born sales instinct like her Uncle Brian. Of course, it probably helped that they waved to everyone driving by as well.

In approximately 1 1/2 hours, they raked in a whopping $25 even. I still can't believe it. Anika says they'll be open again today. At that rate, they could buy their own school clothes this year! Ha ha! They'll be taking it to the bank to deposit in their savings.

Oh, Olivia did say when I split up their money that "We can buy lots of expensive things with our money." I think it's time to teach the real meaning of profit.

Oh, to be a kid again..................


Friday, July 20, 2007

What I've Been up to for the Last Month

We went camping over Father's Day weekend. That was fun and I wish I was able to do more camping this summer. We took the girls up a few days early to hang w/ Grandpa. It was funny because Olivia was NOT going to stay (said she'd miss Mom & Dad too much). We knew better and packed her bags "just in case." Well, we got up there and she changed her mind (said she didn't want to go on the ride home-too long). They didn't seem to mind at all when it was time to go, we had to ask for hugs and kisses because they were too distracted getting ready for swimming!

We got a new tent, it's bigger and better than our last one. It will fit all 5 of us AND the dog next summer. I can't wait!

Let's see..........what else?

Olivia lost her second top tooth and she now has a sweet gap she likes to whistle through. Anika has been taking swim lessons this week. She is quite the little fish in the water. She has always loved water. Olivia is the cautious one in the family.

Oh yeah, about the time we went camping, we had a robin make a nest in one of my beautiful hanging baskets Mark got me form Mother's Day. The basket hangs right on the front porch. In the days after the girls left for camping, she laid some eggs. She sat on them and about two weeks later, they hatched! Four baby robins! We watched the "Mom & Dad" robins bring their babies worms. The girls LOVED it! And we could watch them from inside the house without disturbing them! They grew so fast. Then one day we came home from the pool and there were only 2 left. The next morning, I went out to get our milk & eggs (we have them delivered) and there was one left. Olivia stayed on the porch while I took the milk inside. As soon as I got inside, I heard Olivia say "Mom, the baby just jumped out and plopped onto the lawn!" Sure enough, there he/she was with Mom nearby. The whole experience was really neat for all of us.

I worked lots of extra "on call" shifts. I only work 40 hr every two weeks, well, it works out to be 40 hr in 6 days and then I have a stretch of 8 days off. So, I am able to pick up extra 4 hr on call shifts, if I so desire. It's completely voluntary, but it is time and a half (if I get called in to work) plus an extra $3 an hour just for being on call. Fortunately, my on call hours are DONE! No more until after I return from maternity leave.

Speaking of maternity leave, I only have 5 more 4 hour shifts left until I am officially on leave. These were originally 8 hr shifts, but I was on bedrest last weekend due to swelling and increased blood pressure. My swelling and BP went down so nicely, my doctor said it would be OK for me to work just 4 hr shifts. THANK YOU! My doctor is great, he even called to check on me Friday night.

The girls went camping with Grandpa and Grandma Deb last weekend, they had a blast. Both of the girls have a great relationship with my Dad, but Anika has especially bonded with him. She is already threatening to move to his house when she gets upset with Mark or me. Can't wait for those teenage years!

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