Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Answer to "What's for Lunch?"

Olivia says to me, "Mom, you're not going to fix us lunch today. WE are going to fix YOU lunch!" Right on!

Olivia prepared a bowl of vanilla yogurt with a side of red grapes and a glass of cold Chai tea.

Anika put butter, plums, milk, Pepsi, and some grapes into a pan. Then I helped her warm it up on the stove. She was very excited about her conconction. Olivia whipspered to me a few times "Mom, I don't think that will taste very good."

We warmed it up a bit and melted the butter. We tasted it, well, Anika and I tasted it. It was kind of like sweet, fruity butter. I thought it would taste worse than it did, but Anika decided it wasn't worthy of eating (or drinking). I took pictures I will try to post later.


Ana said...

Life at your house sounds like SO MUCH FUN! I love your posts b/c they always make me smile if not laugh out loud! You are also a great mom for letting the girls make lunch! YUMMY! LOL

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