Sunday, December 30, 2007


I guess I should post something since I'd like to hit 50 posts by Tuesday!

Luke woke up at 2:42 for HIS Thanksgiving dinner (borrowed that from you, Ana). He nursed for 25 minutes. Hello? What happened to 10 minute meals?

Apparently, our dog, Jethro, felt that it would be a good time for him to eat too. I tried to go back to sleep after feeding Luke, but after Jethro's relentless whining, I finally got up at 3:50 to let the crazy dog out. I feel bad for Mark; he had his alarm set for 4 AM because he had to be to work at 5 today (and yesterday). Thanks to the stupid dog, he got to wake up an hour early! I planned to go back to bed, but I never did. I'm nuts.

Now I am going to make a grocery list and then go grocery shopping after Luke wakes up.


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