Wednesday, March 28, 2007

About My Day Yesterday

Well, it was the day of my 20 week ultrasound. The kids are on Spring Break so I thought it would be fun for them to go to the ultrasound and doctor appointment with Mark and me. My doctor is really great and I was excited for the girls to meet him. It didn't really turn out like I envisioned.

The kids were bored at the ultrasound and the doctor was doing a C-Section so we didn't even get to see him. The ultrasound tech was not the friendliest person and seemed kind of bored herself. I brought a VHS tape to record the ultrasound as I did with the girls. She offered to burn me a CD instead. When I got home and watched it, I discovered about 60 seconds, if that, worth of the 10-15 minute ultrasound. Luckily, I called her and explained that I didn't get what I thought I was getting (as in a video of the whole ultrasound). She offered to have me come back in and video tape another u/s for me. NICE! Then I was on hold for 19 minutes waiting to schedule the appointment. I know it was 19 minutes because I have a timer on my phone. I finally asked that someone call me back to schedule, but they never did. Frustrating! I know they are busy, but COME ON!

Other than the kids being bored, the ultrasound was great! The baby is measuring right where he/she is supposed to be and we saw everything we were supposed to see as in a 4 chamber heart, 3 vessel cord, stomach, brain, no cleft lip or palate, etc. And we didn't see what we didn't want to see as in boy or girl parts. We will truly be surprised at the birth. I was worried about "accidentally" seeing something, but we didn't!

Another reason I was bummed about not seeing the doctor is because I've been having horrible pain in my pelvic bones and I can hardly walk at times. The nurse says my hormones have caused my pelvic ligaments and bones to relax and thus are separating making it painful to walk. So, physical therapy it is for me. I did some further research on the net, of course. Symphysis pubis dysfunction is the name for it, I guess. I am really hoping it just goes away. I invested in a lovely maternity belt and will be getting some support hose to wear to work so my circulation doesn't suffer when I am standing for 8 hours! How old am I? I certainly don't feel 34 right now! More like 74.

I did have a proud moment at the mall yesterday when I went out to purchase my stylin' maternity belt. I drove around the parking lot for several minutes looking for a spot that wasn't on the other side of town. I really didn't want to walk too far because I am in pain and it is far enough inside the mall to the Motherhood store. Finally , I get to a spot that isn't particularly close, but it'll do. Someone is ready to back out and I will take their spot. But wait, here comes someone behind me as I am backing up to let the other person out. I stop, she doesn't. I motion for her to back up and point to the spot where the car is leaving. She stares at me and doesn't budge. Now the person backing up can't get out. If I drive away, I lose the spot and the lady behind be gets it. I motion again. Stone cold stare. OK lady, you are NOT going to get my spot. I do some fancy maneuvering and am able to get my spot! Ha Ha!

I have been wanting to get a pedestal for my front loading washer and my dryer so I don't have to sit on the floor when I load and unload laundry. However, it seems that I have to special order it now because they "deleted" the pedestal for my set as they are 4 1/2 years old. HUH?
I waited on hold for 10 minutes for them to tell me they would have to call me back with "availability and pricing" information. It's a good thing I am a very patient person (except when I want a good parking spot)!

Today should be better. The sun is out. I am doing laundry and grocery shopping. Maybe I'll get good news about my laundry pedestal. Honestly, it would make my day!


Ana said...

It must be that only the mother and father think those things are cool. I took my 16 year old sister and my 23 year old sister and they were bored out of their minds...they didn't say one word... well, I think it's amazing! You will have to let me know if that belt helps because I have been having pretty bad pain in my right hip.. maybe it's that same thing.

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