Wednesday, August 1, 2007

So.........Any Day Now...........We're Ready

I was kind of hoping for a July baby and yesterday afternoon I actually thought it was going to happen. I was having contractions 10 minutes apart all afternoon and then they stopped. Of course, my doctor didn't help much when he said "Hopefully I'll see you tonight or tomorrow" after he stripped my membranes. He did ask Mark if he was going to help deliver the baby. I had forgotten until then that my doc is known for letting the fathers help with the delivery. He described to Mark how he'll do it, and much to my surprise, Mark sounds like he is going to do it and he actually sounds kinds of excited about it. Mark doesn't get excited about much, that's just the way he is.

We painted the baby's room over the weekend. I am so happy with it, it turned out very nice. I will post a picture later.

I worked my last day on Monday. My coworkers had a nice potluck for me. Lots of good food. There are 7 women on my floor who are pregnant right now, with 6 us of being due between now (me) and November.

I just have a few things here and there to get done, otherwise, we are ready!


Emily Marie said...

Oh cool that is surprising that he might help with delivery... not sure if Carlos would do it but that would be interesting! Good luck, we look forward to hearing from you. Oh and we are having another girl in Dec! :)

your favorite aunt in Costa Rica said...

Good Luck with everything, Heather, Mark and girls! What an exciting time for you all. You're in our thoughts and prayers!

Ana said...

I was kinda hoping for a July baby as well. For some reason I think that 38 weeks completely full term and you should just give birth.. tell that to your dr.. your cousin said it's time to deliver.. we want answers!

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