Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Need help with a middle name

OK, so we have had our boy name picked out forever: Luke Jackson Bennett.

We have chosen a first name for a girl: Tess. However, we can't find a middle name that we love. I think the more syllables, the better it will flow, as in Tess Elizabeth (which I've ruled out).

Any suggestions? Cindy-maybe there is a family name down the line somewhere that would fit?

I am now OVER 39 weeks, which means this is the longest I've ever been pregnant. Olivia & Anika were born at exactly 38 and 39 weeks, respectively. I think I've been having what is called "prodromal" labor since the doc stripped my membranes last week. Lots of contractions, but they never get regular or increase in intensity. This is something new for me and I am finding it really annoying! I'm really not THAT uncomfortable, just impatient.

Who knows, maybe the fact that Mark has a tee time with his boss for 18 holes of golf this afternoon with his new set of clubs will be enough to send me to the hospital? He's the one that brought it up anyway!

Brian & Beth will be finding out next week if they are having a boy or a girl! I can't wait. Having all these new babies is so fun!


Ana said...

I'm terrible with names. I like your picks so far, and maybe it's a boy and you won't need a girl's name! I've told your dad to let us know the minute anything happens!

your favorite aunt in Costa Rica said...

Gosh, Heather, here I thought you had had your baby and nobody was telling me!!
Wanted to tell you that Ellen was both Grandma (Emma Ellen) Davis' AND Great Grandma (Vera Ellen)Dilkes middle name. It's an old name and I'm Not sure how that fits with Tess but there is the family name info!
Maybe Tessa-Ellen...ahh, maybe not!! :) What about Ellen- Tessa....well, maybe a bit better...glad you get to choose! And it doesn't have to be Ellen either, just so you know! :)
Mary-Carmen was going to be named Johana-Marie but when she was born I didn't think she looked like a Johana-Marie, so we changed it.

Hope you are able to disrupt that golf game of Mark's tomorrow ...don't know why men do that!! Here you are waiting for this baby and they plan a golf game! There you sit, overstuffed and overheated and they go play golf!! Go figure! LOL
Good luck the next few days.

Ana said...

I'm waiting... are we even going to get an August baby??? j/k!

Ana said...

Oops.. posted that last post right before I got your dad's email. So, I can't help but think that Anika was right about feeling something through your belly??? :) I know you won't have much time, but we'd LOVE to see some pictures!! CONGRATS!

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