Monday, October 1, 2007

Anyone Seen My Vacuum Attachment?

I really could have used it to vacuum out the car this morning or the stairs last night! I'm also missing one of the extensions that goes with it. Let me know if you see it in the big black hole with my favorite lipstick. Maybe my Dad's hearing aid is there too?


Brandi said...

Oh you have one of those big black holes too huh? LOL!
I am still looking for one of my 2 remote controls! Luckily I found the black hole that swallowed my digital camera, that is AFTER we got back back from our cruise. Oh well.

Ana said...

There are a few things I WISH would fall into that black hole... it appears my black hole is missing though.

Dad said...

what did you say, hello, please speak up I can't hear you! I still can't find my hearing aid!

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