Thursday, September 27, 2007

Slacker Mom

So, we were supposed to go to Anika's preschool potluck at the park last night. The weather was perfect. I even had the store bought tray of cookies ready to go. Did I say they were decorated like lady bugs? Someone would have been impressed, thinking I decorated those beautiful cookies. After all, I do have three kids! Ha ha. I so could have scored some points with the other Mom's.

Gosh, come to think of it, I don't think there is anyone else at our preschool who has three kids.

Back on track. There really wasn't a reason NOT to go, except that Mark and I were both dog tired. How do you explain that to a kid, that you are too tired to do something? Kids will do anything no matter how bleary eyed or cranky they are feeling.

So, I bribed them.

Mom: "Mom is sooo tired, is there ANYTHING else you would like to do besides go the park?"

Blank stares. "No."

Mom: "There is nothing else you would like to do? How about Cold Stone Creamery?"

Kids: "Park!"

Mom: "OK, we'll go to the park."

Olivia: "How about we take a walk across the new bridge?"

Background info: There is a new path from our subdivision leading to a bridge which crosses over a canal. We drive by it everyday. Anika and I took Luke for a stroll last week and walked across the bridge and back so Olivia has been wanting to go ever since.

Mom: "Um, OK, if that is what you would like to do."

Kids: "Yeah, lets go for a walk across the bridge."


I let them soak it in for about 10 minutes, went in to where they were at and announced "I'm in the mood for some tasty ice cream! Who wants to go to Cold Stone Creamery with me?"

"So we're not going for a walk? OK, we'll go to Cold Stone Creamery"

I'm such a slacker! My kids want to do something healthy and I feed them ice cream.

It's supposed to be 80 degrees here today. BSU is playing Southern Mississippi (Brett Favre's alma mater) at 5:30. Maybe we can walk during half time?


Ana said...

HA! It's like when I tell Logan she can't have cereal for breakfast because we are going to McDonald's.... What can you do?

Anonymous said...

That's funny! I once changed the clock in the kitchen a 1/2 ahead so I could put Douglas to sleep earlier!

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