Sunday, November 25, 2007

Some new pictures!

I think we are in trouble! Luke started rolling over on Tuesday!

It's his favorite pacifier!

Ok, not really. It is Mark's favorite though!

Anika and Olivia dressed for Thanksgiving dinner at Grammy Cammy's house

Anika having fun in the few leaves we had this year!

All three in the morning!


Anonymous said...

Yahoo! I love when you update your blog....Your kids are so sweet we love any chance to get together and visit with you and the family!
Beth and Brian

Ana said...

ROLLING OVER!?!? Good grief, he'll be walking soon! They are all so adorable! What a cute family!

Aunt Cindy said...

WOW What a family!!! Looks like your side of the family has control of the gene pool...your girls look like you and Brandi, so who is your son going to look like...Brian? Life will never be the same now that Luke is rolling over...get your house ready...things will be different with a boy! Then add Mark in the mix egging him on and you've got trouble with a capital T!!! (Name the movie!)
What wonderful times you share with us, Heather...Thanks from those of us who are too far away to enjoy it all in person!

Grandpa said...

I'll have to say that Luke sure looks like his father, he sure has a good set of teeth, just like good old Dad.

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