Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Getting in the holiday spirit!

My Mom, Brandi, Michelea and I and the girls made gingerbread houses on Saturday (we missed you, Beth)! It was so much fun! I made a great holiday music CD and we sipped Brandi's fabulous apple cider while we put together our gingerbread houses and decorate glittery pine cones.

(If you look closely, Olivia is putting her tongue in the gap where her 4 teeth used to be).


Emily Marie said...

OOOHH nice houses! I wish I had the desire to make gingerbread! I like decorating but... ;)

Grandpa said...

How many teeth is Olivia missing?
I thought there were only 3 gone!

Ana said...

HOW FUN! I'm really excited to make our houses... it probably won't be until Christmas Eve though.. that's how fast things move around here. :)

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