Saturday, March 15, 2008

Can You Guess Who This Is?

Look closely!

If you guessed Baby Einstein with head lice, you are correct!

I've been checking the girls regularly (3 or 4 times a week) for head lice. In case you haven't had the fortune of having a child with head lice yet, don't worry, chances are if you have a girl, she will have head lice sometime in her elementary school career. Olivia had the privilege of hosting head lice last year (about this same time of year) when she was in kindergarten. I hear the school nurse has been checking the first graders over the last few weeks and that at least one of Olivia's friends has the dreaded buggers right now. There was one kid in Anika's preschool class last week who had it. SO FAR, WE ARE LICE FREE THIS YEAR!

Getting rid of lice is extremely inconvenient. When Olivia had lice last spring, I was pregnant so we didn't want to use any of those horribly harsh shampoo products. Even if I wasn't pregnant, I'm not too keen on using the chemical shampoos. I am happy to say that we did get rid of the lice without the yucky shampoo treatments (unless you count tea tree oil shampoo as yucky. At least it is a natural product, but it sure doesn't smell very good). AND, no one else in our house got lice.

So, since we've been talking about lice again in our house and the girls get checked regularly, Anika drew this lovely picture which she titled "BABY EINSTEIN WITH HEAD LICE." If you look closely, she drew both the nits and the adults in his hair!

P.S. I wouldn't wish the head lice ordeal on anyone (Mark and I actually lost sleep over it, tossing and turning, dreaming of bugs crawling in our hair). I found the website to be very helpful.


Ana said...

Ugh... one more thing I'm dreading! I have heard that you can drown them if you get your kid to lay in the bath with only their nose sticking up for a few minutes?? And truth to that? I mean, other than getting your 4 year old to lay in the water for 10 minutes... :)

Ana said...

A little birdie told me that you have a birthday in your house today!! How fun to have a birthday on St. Patty's Day! Happy Birthday Olivia!

(Am I right?)

Emily Marie said...

That is such a funny picture. Carlos and I laughed about it although we weren't laughing about the reality of lice. I am pretty sure everyone in my family avoided getting it growing up and I am praying that mine don't either!! It is one of my nightmares! I will probably be calling you if one of them does...I will need guidance.

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