Monday, March 10, 2008

Park Day!

We went to the park over the weekend. We have had spring like weather lately and the girls were itching to go to the park. Luke had his first ride in the swing.


Ana said...

Don't you LOVE spring!? Your kids are so cute and photogenic! Yeah, I think Cooper and Luke would get along alright... they could sit there and eat together! :)

Emily Marie said...

Looks like fun! Luke is so big! It is amazing how fast babies grow! Laurie is 3 months and trying really hard to roll over! At least it seems to me ;)

Grandpa said...

I want to go to the park, would someone push me in the swing? Thank you Olivia and Anika, I knew the you would push Grandpa! You kids sure know how to have fun, you all have such great smiles!
I love you!

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