Monday, June 9, 2008

Heather Needs..........

I find this to be quite hilarious:

At the very top of the list was "Heather needs men... Now!" Thanks, but one is enough for me!

The next two results were other "Heather" bloggers posting their results so I skipped those.

The fourth one down was "Heather needs to grow up." Hmmm........

And then "Heather needs to wear a bra." I just have to laugh at that one.

Other ones down the list: "Heather needs two therapists." Doing OK, thanks.

I continued to get other people's blog results so I skipped around a bit. Here are some more:

"Heather needs to move on, she's made a fool of herself." (This would be Heather Mills-McCartney)

"Heather needs Gatorade."

"Heather needs a good night's sleep." This would be the most accurate result.

"Heather needs to let loose, she is too uptight." Chuckle.

And last, "All Heather needs is cash, love."


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