Monday, June 16, 2008


After a few chi... chi.... chilly weeks, the weather here FINALLY warmed up! We went camping over Father's Day weekend with my Dad, Jeremy and Michelea. It was fun; not the same without Brandi, Dakota, Brian, Beth, Douglas and Jack, but still tons of fun. The girls had a GREAT time with Grandpa. Luke loves to ride with Grandpa in his motorized wheelchair (he tries to push the "go" switch whenever Grandpa stops).

Good Morning Anika & Luke! Olivia is the late sleeper in our family............

Anika & Michelea enjoying a cold root beer......

Swimming in the hot springs pool......... not too hot, more like a really warm bath.

Not even Grandpa in his motor bike can keep up with these girls........ they are FAST on their bikes!

Olivia was a little upset that I was trying to take her picture..... in fact, she had a big meltdown shortly after this picture was taken!

This afternoon we went to the store and bought a small pool and a bunch of water toys for the girls. It is almost 5 o'clock; they've been out there playing for over two hours - without fighting! It's nice now that they are older and they can entertain themselves! Did I mention they haven't fought in over two hours?!


Grandpa said...

There is nothing better than to go camping with your children and grandkids! It makes the world go around and leaves such good memories, that will last a life time!! Thanks for taking me camping!

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