Saturday, August 25, 2007

Update and some pictures

*So, I started this post awhile back, here it is finally!

Well, Luke was three weeks old as of yesterday! He is such a mellow baby, I still can't believe it. He really does not cry much at all, in fact, I thought there was something wrong with him the first week after he was born. He still eats ALL THE TIME and I am pretty tired ALL THE TIME, but I know it will pass. At his one week appointment (9 days, actually), he was 9 lb 2 oz. He is almost as long as the changing area in his play yard. I think he got the tall genes from both Mark's Mom's side and Dad's side of the family. He has started smiling the past two days, just a few times. It's not gas, either. He was wide awake each time. I will try to get a picture as soon as I can.

Olivia started First Grade last Monday. She is SOOOO excited. She is really tired and really hungry by the time she gets home though. I overheard her telling Anika that a boy at school was "in love" with her, but that she was not "in love" with him. She gave Anika very specific instructions NOT to tell Mom or Dad because she would be "so embarassed." She really likes her teacher and talks about her everyday. She has taken her own lunch everyday because she doesn't like the school food (thankfully). Her favorite lunch item this week was, interestingly, tomato soup.

Big Sisters can't get enough of their baby brother, even after three weeks!

Snuggle Time!

This one is my favorite so far! Luke loves to snuggle up on our chests.


Grandpa said...

What a lovely addition to the Bennett family!! Those girls love their baby brother, don't they?
Mark & Heather you have such a wonderful family, I'm very proud of you both as I am all my childen!
It's not easy to raise kids, have a job, take care of a home and have time for your partner! So if you ever need a sitter so you and your husband can take a break and spend some time with each other, give your dad a call! I'm pretty good with kids! Hey Olivia and Anika lets go camping!!
Love Grandpa

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